What is CloudRoom?

CloudRoom is an application that introduces the whole new level of how to intelligently keep your items in the storage at ease. This service is meant to enhance our lifestyle with the use of technology through a single smartphone.

Anyone can keep infrequently-used items in CloudRoom to increase the space in their home. This would allow us to enjoy more activities at home.

CloudRoom Featuring

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Store In Items

Easily store your things, starting from one item, that are not often used and you don't really want to throw away.

Manage In Smartphone

You can check the item status, manage your items and organize them from your own member page on your smartphone anytime.

Return Items

Simply make a take-out request and set up the time from your smartphone. The requested items will be delivered to you.

About MeSpace x CloudRoom

About MeSpace has been regarded as Thailand's leader in a self-storage market and also a pioneer of lifestyle-oriented self-storage concept. JWD is looking forward to becoming a top regional operator with significant presence in South East Asia. Our purpose is to “simplify storing things and amplify better living for everyone.”

What kinds of Item Do People Normally Store?
(Personal & Business Items)
Source: MeSpace (previously managed by JWD Store It!)

Synergy of MeSpace x CloudRoom

CloudRoom puts an emphasis on the cutting-edge technology with the use of smartphone via application. As a dominant player in the traditional self-storage industry in Thailand, MeSpace x CloudRoom storage branches have expansively covered across the city of Bangkok and whatever it takes to provide many type of specialized storage services: such as, a wine-dedicated storage, highly-secure safe deposit boxes and a climate-controlled storage with fire protection.

We believe that combining both services with each characteristic strength would optimize the self-storage service that enables the customers to have another level of seamless experience and facilitate our urban lifestyle to be much more intelligent and convenient.